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North Force Main Sewer Line

The Love’s Lagoons are approximately half of a mile to the west of the intersection of I-40 and OK-8 highway

North Force Main Sewer Line

The Town of Hinton operates three (3) total retention lagoon sites: the Love’s Travel Stop (Love’s) Lagoons, Town Lagoons, and the Great Plains Correctional Facility (Prison) Lagoons. The Love’s Lagoons receive flow from the sewershed containing the Sugar Creek Casino, Casino Oklahoma, and Love’s Travel Stop, among other businesses. The Town Lagoons handle the majority of Hinton’s
residential flow, as well as several other local commercial facilities. The Prison Lagoons are dedicated solely to the Great Plains Correctional Facility wastewater. Town staff have experienced issues with hydraulic overloading at the Love’s Lagoons and Prison Lagoons under wet weather conditions. As a result, the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) has issued two consent orders for operating with bypasses at the Love’s and Prison Lagoons.

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