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Hinton Fact!

In 1908, Dr. Hobbs owned an open top Oldsmobile, one of the first to have a steering wheel inside of the steering bar. In 1910 six more automobiles were in Hinton. They were owned by I.D. Jaques, Bert Allen, S.B. Goram. These men each owned a high wheel International. Bert Knox owned a Gale; Harry Northup, a Reo; and Bill Pickett, a Maxwell.

Public Works

Water and Sewer Pricingsubphoto_river

The Hinton Public Works Authority provides water and sewer services for the Town of Hinton.

DEQ Consent Order, Case No. 10-111-Closed
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Solid Waste Collection and Disposition

The Hinton Public Works Authority contracts with Veterans Waste Solutions to provide garbage services to the residents and businesses of Hinton.

Say "Hello" to our friendly garbage truck drivers!


Town Dump

The Town Dump is open from 9-5 Tuesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays. Including holidays under the guidance of Mr. Kevin Findley

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