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Cares Forward Funding Awarded

The Town of Hinton applied for Cares Forward funding, and was able to be reimbursed $248,121.25 for the salaries of Public Health & Safety employees that contributed time and energy during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We were also able to be reimbursed for different expenses, such as delivering meals to Senior Citizens, sanitizing supplies for public areas, and personal protective equipment. On behalf of the town we would like to thank Hope Morgan, Brooke Hoehner, and everyone else that put in many hours and efforts to get this accomplished for the town.
The State’s new CRF allocation model designates a portion of the $250 million to each city and county based on a formula of $77 per capita. The model calculates city and county populations using the latest 2019 Census estimates, and county populations solely reflect unincorporated areas.
The CARES Act was passed by Congress and signed by President Trump in late March. The CARES Act established the CRF federal stimulus fund, which delivered $1.26 billion to the State of Oklahoma and represents less than one-third of total CARES Act federal funding directly allocated to various Oklahoma government entities in 2020.
Governor Kevin Stitt established CARES FORWARD in May, assembling a team of public employees with an expertise in finance, federal grants, and auditing and led by State Chief Operating Officer John Budd and Secretary of Budget Mike Mazzei, to oversee and manage the deployment of $1.26 billion in CRF.

Shanon Pack
Town Administrator
Town of Hinton 

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